How to groom a healthy munchkin kitten

Your munchkin cat for sale will definitely need some help with grooming and maintenance of their claws and oral hygiene. Caring for your munchkin kitten like this, if done nicely, gently and patiently, will help you build a bond and ensure your munchkin kitten’s well-being.

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Munchkin Kittens spend a lot of their waking hours grooming an cleaning themselves, but as an owner, you have responsibilities and a very important role to play when it comes to the grooming and hygiene of your beautiful munchkin kitten.

Proper Caring for your adorable kitten in this way will not only support your kittens health and well-being, it will also help you have an amazing bond.

Maintaining your munchkin kitten’s coat

Brushing your kitten regularly gives you the perfect opportunity to check for parasites such as fleas and helps prevent hairballs that can build up in the stomach.


How to brush a munchkin kitten’s fur

  • Start off gently so your kitten gets used to being combed or brushed.
  • Always comb your kitten or cat with and then against the direction of growth to gently remove loose hairs and any tiny knots.
  • If a knot resists, be gentle and patient rather than pulling hard and damaging the fur.
  • It is recommended to end your grooming session with a game so it finishes in a positive way for your munchkin kitten for sale.
  • In spring and summer, molting seasons, more regular and careful brushing is required. Use a rubber massage mitt then comb to free any loose hair more easily.

How to groom short-haired munchkin cats for sale


Weekly brushing is enough for short-haired munchkin cats. Before brushing, you can massage the fur against the direction of hair growth with a grooming glove to remove loose hairs and tone the skin. Use a soft brush, if possible, with natural silk bristles, to avoid damaging the fur.

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